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Venezuelan women, also known as "Venezolanas" in Spanish, hail from the South American nation of Venezuela. Like other Latin American women, they are known for their dark hair, beautiful brown eyes, and tanned bodies which is the result of their tropical environment. They are passionate, fiery, temperamental and incredibly feminine. They value family and strong confident men who are capable of giving them one.
Venezuelan women have the distinction of winning the Miss Universe international beauty pageant three times, a feat that no other country has accomplished so far. These pageants don't just judge looks, they also look at other characteristics such as poise, femininity, charm and sophistication, and given the hundreds of nations whose women compete in these events, the fact Venezuela has won three times tells you just how exceptional their women are. Additionally, Venezuelan girls speak the "clean" version of Spanish, making them easier to understand, which is important for foreign men who are looking to learn the language the right way.
Unfortunately, in recent years Venezuela has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Its catastrophic economic crisis has caused millions to flee the country. A large number of young ladies have relocated abroad, and one of their favorite destinations is the Caribbean. Millions of men visit these islands annually to relax and unwind, and now have the opportunity to enjoy these women. Contact our agency to arrange a vacation with hot Venezuelan girls so you can find out first hand why they are so highly esteemed.